We strive to be a workplace worth sharinng your time among with us and our colleagues. A place where everyone will grow, improve, learn and be eager to work with some of our highly skilled customers and their projects.

Some of the reasons
to work with Us.

Private Health

We want our colelagues to feel save and to feel
Our financial and insurance advisors together with our management team will create the best possible health insurance package for every employee.


In our company culture, team building and company related travel experience is very common. We encourage for all of our employees to be part of our fun working related gatherings around Europe. In our organizational system all of the travel expenses are covered by our company.

Mental Health

In our employment benefit package Mental Health Coverage is very important. Our goal is for every developer to feel free and save to ask for a mental health professionalist when it’s needed. It more than benefitial.


Education is one of the keys for a succesfull career. We help you to find the best side-educational trainings, courses and licence programs and level up your knowledge to the highest level.

Flexible work

We all know that the era of “working from home” just tarted. So we want every developer to feel like working from their best around enviorement. With our hybrid-working flexibility you can work from different places by your own will.

Choose Your
Own Equipment.

Choosing the right and the most suitable computer equipment is one of the key ingridiends in our job. In order to our developers to feel comfortable while spending time infront of our “machines” we will give you freedom in choosing your own equipment.

Jobs at

Senior Angular Developer.

We are looking for a senior Angular front-end developer to join our fabulous team. Do you love writing elegant and responsive applications using Angular 11? Then this might be the position for you!

Front-End Developer (Vue.js)
- Remote

Do you know what it takes to create neat micro services with PHP 8, Symfony 5 and PostgreSQL? You might want to learn more about the opportunities in our team.


Senior Front End Developer

Are you an expert in reactive programming and organizing big projects? Help us to Vue things differently. We would love to discuss your goals and opportunities at GateOne.